Teater Dictat is a fringe theatre company that produces performances using existential, relational, and queer/norm-creative perspectives. Over the years, we have created summer tours of outdoor shows, modern church plays, and an adaptation or two of Shakespeare. From the beginning, artistic director Johan Svensson has worked with a variety of talented theatre makers. Today, alongside dramaturg Matthew Short, producer Andreas Luukinen, and actor/director Magdi Saleh, he has created a queer hub for passionate artists. Since 2022, we have received operational support from Varberg Council.

Whilst Teater Dictat doesn’t have a home theatre, we always work along the Swedish west coast with Varberg, Halland, as our base. From there we work northwards to Gothenburg, and down to the öresund region in the south. With a second home in Lund, Skåne, we have great access to Helsingborg, Malmö, and Copenhagen. In today’s age of mobility, we find that working across this city network helps strengthen our community, audience reach, and creative resources. Despite this spread, we are proud of our position in Halland where we support a flourishing cultural scene. This unique landscape inspires our art and proves that there is more to the region than just summer beaches and transport routes between Malmö and Gothenburg.


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