Johan Svensson
Artistic Leader, Actor, Director

Johan setup Teater Dictat for its first production in 2005 and has been leading the company since. He holds a masters degree in acting from Gothenburg’s Academy of Music and Drama and has undergone performing arts education at Malmö’s Theatre Academy and Fridhems Folkhögshola. He has worked as a professional actor since 2003. Projects with Teater Dictat include Pariah by Strindberg and his two original plays Apocalypse [Apokalyps], and The One You Are [Den du är]. He directed our series of Elizabethan adaptations: Maqbeth Deluxe, Hamlet, Prince of DenmarQ, and Edward II [Den Andre]. Outside of our company, he has acted in The Soul Catcher with Kassandra Productions at the Danish Royal Theatre among other places, including an upcoming international tour. He has worked as an actor on Identitetsakuten with Smålands Music and Theatre in Jönköping, narrates audiobooks, and has worked on production for Mamma Mia! in Copenhagen.

Matthew Short

Matthew is a British dramaturg, writer, and researcher. He holds a BA in Writing, Directing and Performance from the University of York, an MA in Applied Cultural Analysis at Lund University, and is currently completing an MRes at the University of the Highlands and Islands where he researches Highland Dramaturgy as an integral local heritage. With Teater Dictat, he has worked as a dramaturg on our Elizabethan series, conducting research and adapting the texts for a queer perspective. He has also been commissioned to write Sketches Invented and Drawn as part of our Queer Exchange project. He was assistant director for Edward II [Den Andre], and has supported the internationalisation of some of our in-house texts, such as The One You Are [Den du är]. As a freelancer, Matthew has also written an original play called Otter Wolf Dart, and directed Playmate Theatre Malmö’s Sunday in Sodom. He was part of a cohort of emerging writers with BFI Southwest and delivered a talk about heritage and dramaturgy at Dramaten as part of the Swedish Theatre Biennale.

Magdi Saleh
Actor, Director

Magdi graduated in acting from Malmö’s Theatre Academy in 2016. During his education he performed in (I am) your star [(Jag är) din stjärna] at Teatr Weimar and in the final production of Titanic. Since graduating, he has worked at Helsingborg’s City Theatre, Kulturhuset City Theatre in Stockholm, Gothenburg’s City Theatre, and Malmö’s City Theatre for such productions as Let the Right One In [Låt den rätte komma in], Alexandra’s Odyssey, Utvandrarna, the hotly debated The Jihadist [Jihadisten], The Winner Takes it All [Vinnaren tar allt], Monica’s Waltz [Monicas vals], Paranoid Park, and Roland Schimmelpfennig’s Halva månen. His directorial debut was with Otherness in 2023. With us, Magdi performed in Pariah in 2018 and was closely involved with the Queer Exchange project where he directed Sketches Invented and Drawn.

Andreas Luukinen

Andreas was trained in international cultural project leadership with Kulturverkstan. He also studied film science and international relations at Gothenburg University, and acting at the Nordic Theatre School. Andreas has worked as a coordinator for film/moving image at Kultur i Väst, in audience development at Gothenburg’s City Theatre, and as an actor in Fosterlandet; directed by Anna Takanen and toured Gothenburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. He was also present on the Gothenburg club scene as an artistic leader for Klubb Wonderland - an events concept with a focus on inclusive dancefloors, performance, and entertainment. Since 2017, he has worked as a producer for ADAS theatre in Gothenburg. With us, he has worked closely with Johan since 2018 as a producer on most of our productions.